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The I-SEARCH project covers research in multimedia search and retrieval, relevance feedback, multimodal interaction, personalization and visual analytics. These disciplines are combined with market research, technology assessment, valorisation and business modelling. It is therefore crucial for the successful outcome of the I-SEARCH project that a clear and well-structured methodology is developed for the project.

The overall methodology proposed in the project is illustrated in the following figure.

The project has four phases:

Phase one: Definition

The definition phase marks the beginning of the project. There are three fundamental project objectives, which are of the importance to the overall success
of the project, to be addressed in the definition phase: 1) user acceptance, 2) availability of technologies and 3) deployability of the I-SEARCH method. A usercentred approach and iterative development process with participation of the user in all phases will be implemented to validate project results. Validation will show the success in terms of user acceptance.

Phase two: Research and development

The research and development phase takes off from the user requirements specifications and comprise a range of integrated, multidisciplinary research and
technology tasks:

  • Identifying technology requirements from user requirements specifications is the first important task. Also basic requirements for technologies and tools needed to implement the I-SEARCH method should be identified and “Best Available Technology” (BAT) should be considered.
  • Identifying current offerings encompass research of existing technologies available from consortium partners, from commercial offtheshelf vendors and from other EU, international and/or national research projects.
  • Identifying gaps and specifying research needs involves a comparison of needed and available technologies leading to a set of specifications for new research and development demands as well as a catalogue of Best Available Technologies for the I-SEARCH project. Designing a prototype platform involves performing conceptual design of the quality control station and the environment it will be working in. Again, “Best Available Technology” (BAT) should be considered.
  • Designing a business environment that can provide the framework for commercial exploitation of the I-SEARCH method in in-line quality control station. Involves extensive market analysis, technology assessment, valorisation and business modelling.

Phase three: Prototyping and system integration

With the successful completion of all tasks in the research and development phase, the project has reached the stage, where realization of the I-SEARCH system in a user environment is possible, with the following activities:

  • Prototype development involves the design, manufacture and assembly of various components. Prototypes are used both for experimental verification in the research phase and for integration into the I-SEARCH system.
  • System integration and testing involves the integration of the ISEARCH components into a real world system.

Phase four: Validation and exploitation

The final phase of the project will be concerned with validation of the prototype ISEARCH method as well as overall project evaluation and preparation for exploitation activities.

  • Validation involves the final validation of the I-SEARCH method against the user requirement specifications and the developed business and exploitations plans.
  • Exploitation where the prototype and the I-SEARCH components will be used for exploitation activities by the consortium partners after the end of the project.
  • Evaluation of the entire project and its achievements compared to the project objectives will be performed jointly by all partners and documented in the final project report. A special technology-watch report will discuss the I-SEARCH method and compare it with other available technologies on the market at that time.
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