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EMC2 – Excellence in Media Computing and Communication

The mission of EMC2 is to provide mediating and enabling services to European industry and research in the field of Media Computing and Communication with the object of advancing the state of the art in the field.

For more information, please visit the EMC2 official website.

The VIS-SENSE Project

VIS-SENSE is an EU-funded research project focused on the development of visual analytics technologies for the enhancement of international network security.
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Launch of ASSETS

Advanced Service Search and Enhancing Technological Solutions for the European Digital Library

ASSETS is a 2 year project, co-funded by the CIP Policy Support Programme, which aims to improve the usability of Europeana by developing, implementing and deploying software services focused on search, browsing and interfaces.

ASSETS strives also to make more digital items available on Europeana by involving content providers across different cultural environments.

Read the Assets launch press release


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