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EasternGraphics (EGR) is a privately-held German company, founded in 1995. EGR developed interactive 3D product data already early in mid of the nineties, where most other companies dealt with polygons! EGR made its first steps with modeling furniture, meanwhile it has become the major European provider for specific solutions in the (office) furniture market. Other markets are mechanical and medical engineering for instance. Today, EGR has around 100 customers (in terms of medium and big manufacturing companies) mainly in Europe, and beyond it.

Over the years EGR developed a complex and comprehensive tool chain for the creation, distribution and processing of highly configurable, interactive and semantic 3D product data. EGR has now 80 employees at its headquarters in Germany and three subsidiaries across Europe (The Netherlands, Italy and Romania).

For more information visit: http://www.easterngraphics.com

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