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INRIA is a world class research institute in computer science and control operating under the dual authority of the Ministry of Research and the Ministry of Industry. It is dedicated to fundamental and applied research in information and communication science and technology (ICST). The Institute also plays a major role in technology transfer by fostering training through research, diffusion of scientific and technical information, development, as well as providing expert advice and participating in international programs.

IMEDIA (through which INRIA will participate) is to develop content-based image indexing techniques and interactive search and retrieval methods for browsing large multimedia databases by content. We study “generic” image databases (e.g. the web) as well as “domainspecific” databases (e.g. facial imagery, medical imagery…). These two categories are related respectively to image retrieval and object recognition. In fact, image retrieval is a wider domain that contains object recognition but also integrates user interactions. More generally, the IMEDIA project-team achieves research, collaborations, and technology transfer on the complex issue of intelligent access to multimedia data streams.

IMEDIA focuses on: modelling and structuring the feature space, automatic extraction of image signatures and 3D shape descriptors; structuring high dimensional feature spaces; clustering and statistical learning; interactive search and personalization for image indexing; cross-media indexing and retrieval, and in particular bimodal text + image indexing.

For more information visit: http://www.inria.fr

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