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JCP-Consult is a French SME, with the following core expertise:

  • Technical and strategy analysis in the access network and interactive TV areas.
  • Standardisation activities in broadband access and interactive TV areas.
  • Audio visual service networking.

JCP-consult has acquired large experience and expertise in broadband and audiovisual technology and economics. JCP-consult individuals have contributed to standardisation in these technologies to a large extent through chairmanship of different groups and active participation in DVB, DAVIC and in relation with ETSI ECCA, and CableLabs on access protocols, IP architectures for broadband, and digital video.

JCP-Consult individuals have a long experience in R&D European (ACTS, Eureka, IST, ITEA) and national projects, mainly in the audio-visual and network areas.

They have also the expertise of setting-up workshops and conferences both on the organisational and technical side. Recent workshops on VOIP, workshop on cooperative networks at the IST Mobile Summit, set-up of Euro China workshops for the Phoenix project (SSA in FP6), contribution to the organisation of Interworking bi-annual conferences, set-up of the Broadband Europe conference in BREAD are recent successful involvement of JCP in such activities. In the BREAD Coordination Action, JCP had also successfully led the roadmap activities.

On the coordination aspects, JCP has an extensive experience in European project Management (IPs, STREPS, CSA) in FP6 and FP7. It is also coordinator of CHORUS (FP6 Coordination action on multimedia search engines), DICONET, has management activities in Mobithin, PII and has taken part in the coordination of a number of projects like MediaNet (IP on multimedia networking), PHENIX SSA (SSA on Europe-China cooperation), and STREPs on MPEG21.

For more information visit: http://www.jcp-c.net

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