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InfoMus Lab, established in 1984 as a part of DIST (Dept of Communication, Computer, and Systems Sciences of the University of Genoa, Italy), carries out scientific research, and design, development and experimentation of multimedia systems for music, dance, theatre, edutainment, museums and cultural institutions. Main research issues include computational models of nonverbal expressive communication with special focus on movement (e.g., dance, fullbody movements) and audio (e.g., music), expressive multimodal interfaces for music and performing arts (e.g., dance, CVEs, MR), social computing, sound and music computing, artificial intelligence and software engineering. InfoMus Lab also develops multimedia systems for testing and experimenting research outputs in real application scenarios with industry, artistic institutions, museums and science centres. The team is widely experienced in major collaborative projects. Since 2005 InfoMus Lab has its premises at Casa Paganini (www.casapaganini.org), an international centre of excellence for research on science, technology and new media with particular reference to music and performing arts. Casa Paganini is endowed of a 250-seats auditorium and several museum rooms.

Previous research projects at UNIGE include the EU-IST NoE HUMAINE on affective interfaces, the EU-IST NoE ENACTIVE on enactive interfaces, the EU-IST Project TAI-CHI on Tangible Acoustic Interfaces, the EU IST Project MEGA (Multi-sensory Expressive Gesture Applications), which developed the EyesWeb open software platform (www.eyesweb.org), the EU IST Project CARE HERE on aesthetically resonant environments for therapy and rehabilitation, the Kansei Information Processing (1998), joint research project with Waseda University, Tokyo, on MR applications for interactive museums exhibits involving human-robot multimodal interfaces.

DIST – InfoMus Lab is currently coordinator of the EU-ICT Project SAME (Sound And Music for Everyone Everyday Everywhere Every way, www.sameproject.eu), Networked Media challenge, on active listening of music with mobile devices, and partner of the EU-ICT project CAPSIL (CA on Independent living) and of the EU-Culture 2007 COMEDIA project on networked music performance.

For more information visit: http://www.infomus.org

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